Micro Overview

The micro level refers to activities within individual organizations including hospitals, clinics, and community care centres. This phase relates to full scale implementation of the digital health solution in real-world settings based on what has been planned at the Macro level. Implementation should take a staggered approach to allow for incremental learning, feedback cycles and modification of the technology or implementation strategy as needed. This also allows for adjusting personnel and clinical or administrative routines, if needed. A clear plan for data collection, monitoring and tracking of key metrics of interest should have been established in the planning phase. Evaluating and reflecting in the implementing phase broadly seeks to answer these questions:

  • What does implementation rollout look like in real-world settings?
  • What (if any) changes (intended and un-intended) have occurred as a result of implementation?
  • What have we learnt so far and how can we revise policy, practice, or implementation in response to these lessons?
  • What are the short (6months-2years), medium (2-4years) or long-term (>4years) outcomes of the digital health solution?
For the complete Micro level Implementing Matrix please download the PDF with the full table.