Macro Overview

The macro level refers to activities at the federal, provincial, and territorial levels of governance and includes governmental funding agencies and pan-Canadian health organizations. At this level policies and regulations are set that influence the rest of the healthcare landscape (e.g., the meso and micro levels). The planning phase describes the early pre-implementation stage of digital health where the solution is conceptualized and designed. Actions at this phase will include determining service type and target users, identification of team members, community leaders and partners, regulatory and resource requirements. The aim is to establish a solid foundation for implementation, health system impact and long-term sustainability. Engaging should also be considered during this early phase. The key questions for this phase are:

  • What are we doing and why?
  • What should we be considering?
  • Who do we involve/How do we involve them?
For the complete Macro level Planning Matrix please download the PDF with the full table.